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Custom Books

Spider book Broken Ark  spider design Broken Ark

The Broken Ark  blind tooling web with onlaid spider on goatskin, with leather joints and Japanese handmade endpapers.


The Sayings of Confucious Fine Binding

 The Sayings of Confucius Blind and gold tooling on goatskin with Japanese endpapers.


Fine Binding Oriental Design

 Rice Paper Book- tooled and semi-inlay red lines on goatskin, with Japanese sewing, woven calf inlaid panel, backed with Japanese handmade paper.


Fine Binding The Junkman Smiles   fine binding detail The Junkman smiles

 The Junkman Smiles  scarf jointed goatskin with onlays and car paint with blind tooling and semi-inlay. Leather doublures.

Fine Binding The Junkman Smiles open