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Learn bookbinding and Letterpress


Dates coming up:

Sunday 14th October 2018, Secret Belgian, Buy it now 

Saturday 20th, flatback binding (see details of binding methods below under day workshops)

Evening classes

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David will take you through the many ways books have developed and evolved. From 2nd Century Coptic binding to the hardback method we use today.  In our studio in Bridport from 7.pm-9.00.pm. £120  All materials provided. Only 10 places. 

Week 1: Make a single section book and learn the basic skills.

Week 2: Oriental binding a visibly decorative style.

Week 3: Coptic binding the earliest multi-section book.

Weeks 4-6: Flatback Binding. The simplest of the traditional methods.


Day workshops 11am-4pm. Cost £48 

German Longstitch binding, an ancient method.

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Day workshops

Letterpress printing

Come and learn all about quoins furniture and chases and print your own words of wisdom.

Letterpress fruit card

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Coptic Binding, the first multi-section book.


 One Day Specialist 10.00am -5.00pm. Cost:£65

 Sunday 14th October book now

Secret Belgian binding looks ancient but it's 1980's!


Oriental binding with a case.


Flatback binding, a traditional multi-section hardback.


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 BOOK NOWBBook June 1th & September 23rd